Our Whole Lives Religious Education Programming FAQ

Can we collaborate with a local United Church of Christ (UCC) church to offer the program?

How can Our Whole Lives work with our regular religious education programs for children, youth, and adults?

How can we honor Our Whole Lives graduates?

How long are the programs?

How much should I budget to implement Our Whole Lives?

Should siblings be kept apart or together in Our Whole Lives programs?

Should we screen potential facilitators of the program? Do we need to conduct criminal background checks on Our Whole Lives facilitators?

We have nine girls and one boy registered for OWL. Should we try to get more boys enrolled?

We want the curriculum to be co-led by people with different genders, but all of our volunteers are the same gender. What should we do?

What are the criteria for selecting good leaders for Our Whole Lives?

What is the minimum or maximum number of participants for an Our Whole Lives class?