Sexuality and Our Faith FAQ

Do you have any recommended resources for teen Internet safety?

How can we make sure that the Sexuality and Our Faith DVDs are used appropriately?

How should we handle late enrollment in our Our Whole Lives program? (i.e. participants who want to join after the program is already underway.)

I am concerned about activities that divide the class by gender. Can we do these activities in a way that includes those with a transgender or intersex identity, whether they are “out” or not?

I'm a Unitarian Universalist trained to lead Our Whole Lives in my congregation, and I am also a professional sexuality educator (Planned Parenthood, public school, etc.) Can I use the Sexuality and Our Faith audio visual (AV) materials at work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a partnered/married couple co-facilitating Our Whole Lives?

What are the Sexuality and Our Faith DVDs? Are they necessary?

What do we do if our facilitators move to a new congregation—do they take the AV materials with them? Can we have new facilitators use the DVDs?

What is a good facilitator-to-participant ratio? Do all facilitators need to attend every session? What about substitutes & facilitator rotation?

What is Sexuality and Our Faith?

Who can buy the Sexuality and Our Faith DVDs?