UUA Health Plan Options

We provide three levels of PPO health insurance plans, through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, at Gold, Silver, and Bronze Levels.

This Health Plan Level Comparison Grid (PDF) provides a side-by-side comparison of our Three Plan levels.

Plan Summaries


UUA Health Plan Advantages

Uncomplicated Access

  • Access to the entire Blue Cross provider network, nationwide. Currently, 99% of all claims are for in-network healthcare providers.
  • Access to non-network providers at a higher out-of-pocket cost.
  • No evidence of insurability, and no exclusions for preexisting conditions
  • No primary care gatekeeper is required. You may make your own decisions about specialists.
  • The plan offers complete portability across the U.S.; the plan goes with you if you change jobs within UU organizations.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • All plans options provide prescription drug coverage. The Standard PPO has the most drug coverage; the Silver and Bronze plan offer more limited drug coverage.
  • All plans cover preventive services in full, including women’s preventive health services. All forms of birth control are covered.
  • Coverage includes access to specialists when they are needed. All of the major specialties such as obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, urology, pediatrics and various surgical specialties are included in the Blue Cross Blue Shield networks.
  • Coverage for diagnostic testing
  • Mental health and substance abuse services are covered the same as any other illness.
  • Emergency care is covered anywhere, through both in-network and out-of-network providers, with no co-pay if the patient is admitted to a hospital.

Ready Support

  • You have your own Blue Cross Blue Shield member card to present whenever you see a doctor, use hospital services, or have a prescription filled.
  • Additional toll-free telephone support is provided through the Blues On Call (PDF) health decision and support service, available 24 hours every day.
  • You'll have online access to the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield website offering provider participation information, health resources and confidential health decision support.
  • All plans except the Medicare Complement Plan have access to telephone and video medical services provided by TeleDoc (PDF).

UUA Health Plan History

In 2007 the UUA launched an unprecedented effort – a health plan based on UU values, available to all of our congregations, offering a clear path to provide quality health insurance to every eligible employee in our congregations – something that hundreds of ministers and other congregational staff did not have in 2006.

In the intervening years, the Affordable Care Act has brought near-universal access to coverage, but the Obamacare plans have struggled with benefits, rate increases, doctor and hospital shortages, insurance companies dropping out, and a government assault on insurance funding.

Headed into 2023, the UUA Health Plan remains strong, well-funded, and committed to fairness and equity in the plans we offer. The UUA Health Plan is the plan of choice for over half of all congregations with qualifying staff.

Responding to changes in the way consumers look at their health insurance options, we offer three levels of benefits, just as the Exchange plans do: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.