COBRA and the UUA Health Plan

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides terminated employees the ability to continue coverage with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Health Plan. COBRA typically lasts for up to 18 months.

Steps for Electing Coverage

  1. Congregation or terminated employee: Notify the UUA Health Plan of an employee's termination via our Employee Benefits change form. Please include:

    • Date of termination
    • Reason for termination (voluntary or involuntary)
    • 4-digit church ID
    • Current mailing address for terminated employee
  2. The UUA Billing Office will send out a COBRA packet to the terminated employee to their home address.
  3. The terminated employee must complete the COBRA Election Form within sixty days of receipt.
  4. Invoices for COBRA will be sent to the employee's home address. It is the terminated employee's responsibility to remit payment within forty-five days from the date they sign the COBRA Election Form. Please note that the initial payment will include any retroactive premium payments from the date coverage began (their date of termination).

Premium and Payments

The monthly premium for COBRA is 2% greater than your active employee monthly premium with the UUA Health Plan. Please use our rate calculator to determine your monthly premium. Multiply it by 1.02 to see your COBRA rate.

All payments are due no later than the first day of each month. Coverage will be terminated if it is more than thirty days late.