Members of the Religious Education Credentialing Committee

2018 Religious Education Credentialing Committee members. Seated from L to R are: Aisha Hauser, 2018 Credentialed Observer; Kathleen Carpenter, LREDA rep; Rev. Christina Leone Tracy, minister (just completed her term); Rob Kipp, RE Credentialing Assistant; Pat Kahn, Professional Development Programs Manager. Standing L to R are: Art Nava, lay leader; Sara Lewis, Chair-Elect; Peter Kandis, lay leader; Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, lay leader; and the Rev Dr Randy Becker, Chair.

Religious Education Credentialing Committee
Religious Education Credentialing Committee
Professional Development for Religious Educators

What does this Committee do?

The Religious Education Credentialing Committee (RECC) is a Standing Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). It is responsible for all aspects of the Religious Education Credentialing program. As such:

  • It sets requirements, rules, policies, and procedures of the program.
  • On request of the Professional Development Programs Manager, it evaluates applicants for admittance into the program.
  • It evaluates candidates for Credentialed Religious Educator and Credentialed Religious Educator, Master¬†Level status, and awards this status on successful evaluation and sets contingencies in unsuccessful evaluations.
  • It delegates this same authority to the Professional Development Programs Manager for candidates for Credentialed Religious Educator, Associate Level.
  • It approves plans for program equivalencies and evaluates successful fulfillment of equivalency requirements.
  • It evaluates adherence to program rules by participants and those credentialed.
  • It removes and reinstates participants from the program, and removes and reinstates credentials.
  • It publicly represents the program in and beyond the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Who serves on the Committee?

The Religious Education Credentialing Committee is appointed by the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Members represent various perspectives and aspects of congregational life.

A listing of current members of the Committee can be found on the RECC Members of the Committee page in the Governance section of the website.

What happens at the evaluative interview with the Committee?

After introductions are made, a candidate conducts a brief element of worship and then gives a short presentation.

When the presentation is concluded, the interview begins. The Religious Education Credentialing Committee begins by asking a question chosen by the candidate, and for which the candidate has a prepared response. This is followed by a series of questions to the candidate from the Committee members. These questions may have been prompted by the candidate’s portfolio or presentation or may be general questions related to religious education leadership in a Unitarian Universalist context.

When the Committee is done with their questions, the candidate is excused to the waiting area while the Committee deliberates on their decision whether to award a credential to candidate and whether any contingencies are associated with the award. At the conclusion of the deliberation, the candidate is invited back into the meeting space and is notified of the Committee's decision.

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