Basic Information about the Religious Education Credentialing Program

  • Financial cost: are the professional expenses allocated adequate to cover: trainings (registration, travel, lodging); books or videos; travel and lodging for in-person RECC interview; other costs particular to your situation?
  • Credentialing Program scholarships are available from the UUA and LREDA.
  • Resource materials can frequently be borrowed from other religious professionals or congregational libraries.
  • Upon completion, congregations should plan to increase compensation according to UUA Compensation Standards. Candidates should confirm with congregational leaders the level of credentialing achieved.
  • Time cost: is ‘portfolio time’ included in your paid work time? Are you able to attend full-weekend trainings? If not, can you arrange your time around online offerings? Does your congregation offer study leave or sabbatical time?
What is the Religious Education Credentialing Program?
The Religious Education Credentialing Program serves to promote professional development, standards, mentoring, accountability, and recognition. The program encourages in-depth study and requires demonstrated competency in the many facets of lifespan religious education, primarily through the development of a portfolio. Three levels are available: Skilled, Advanced, and Leadership, and it is intended for religious education professionals who serve Unitarian Universalist congregations or the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). More details about program requirements and each of the levels can be found in the Program Plan.
What Are the Costs of the Program?
There is no cost to join the Program. There are, however, costs (both time and money) to participating in the Program. Things to consider:
Is This a Mandatory Program?
No, it is an optional program. Both the UUA and LREDA encourage professional development and adherence to professional standards for religious educators. The UUA recognizes that there are different ways to achieve this—but hopes that many will choose the RE Credentialing Program because of its comprehensive scope.
Who Is Responsible for the Program?
It is a program of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and is the responsibility of the Religious Education Credentialing Committee (RECC), which is a standing committee of the UUA and is appointed by the UUA Board. The administrative support of the program is primarily through the Religious Education Credentialing Office of the UUA Ministries and Faith Development Staff group. The mentoring program is administered by the Committee on Mentoring of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA).