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Religious Education Program History

The program design for the RE Credentialing Program was created by the UUA and LREDA Joint Task Force for Professional Standards in 2001. The design was based on work on professional standards done independently by both LREDA and the UUA. The UUA was given responsibility for the program in 2002, with the intent that it would replace the UUA Religious Education Leadership Landscape Options program. Application to the program was made available to all religious educators on June 3, 2003. At that time a full-time Religious Education Credentialing Director was hired by the UUA to administer the program. The hiring of a part-time Religious Education Credentialing Assistant soon followed. The Joint Task force evolved into an Religious Education Credentialing Advisory Committee to give guidance to the Religious Education Credentialing Director in further developing the program. Members of the Committee included: Laurel Amabile, Rev. Ellen Brandenburg, Pat Ellenwood, Judith Frediani, Rev. Betty Jo Middleton, and Rev. Makanah Morriss. During this time, eleven religious educators who were credentialed under the Religious Education Leadership Landscape Options program were transitioned into this status in the Religious Education Credentialing program. The Religious Education Credentialing Advisory Committee was replaced in 2003 by the UUA Board appointed Religious Education Credentialing Committee. Application to the program was made available to all religious educators on June 3, 2003. The Religious Education Credentialing Committee met for the first time in October 2003 and evaluated candidates for the first time in February 2004. The 2004 General Assembly of the UUA voted to modify the UUA Bylaws to specify the Religious Education Credentialing Committee as a Standing Committee of the Association.

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Sarah Gettie McNeill

Sarah Gettie serves our faith as the Professional Development Programs Manager at the UUA, supporting our Religious Education Credentialing and Music Leadership Certification Programs, as well as managing the Renaissance Program. In past ministries, she has served as a religious educator for a...

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