Working Effectively Across Generations Towards an Anti-Oppressive Anti-Racist Multicultural Faith

Older woman and small girl sit on the floor during worship at Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, Kansas.

Follow along with this five-part conversation between Commission on Institutional Change Commissioner Mary Byron and Former Commissioner Caitlin Breedlove, as they discuss the subject of intergenerational movement ministry. Following each clip reflect of the questions presented by the Commission to deepen spiritually and connect in the work towards an Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist, Multicultural Faith.

Part 1 - Disrupting Generational Assumptions in Movement Ministry

Spiritual Deepening Questions - The Commission on Institutional Change calls us into intergenerational engagement. Take some time for personal reflection. 

  • What assumptions do you find pop up for you when you think about different generations and their engagement in movement work?
  • How do you disrupt those assumptions when they come up?

Part 2 - Naming Our Intervention to Build and Engage the next Generations of Leaders

Spiritual Deepening Questions - The Commission asks us to examine whose voices are not just heard, but active participants in decision-making and leadership. Take some time to reflect on where young people are active leaders in your community.

  • What makes that possible?
  • Now reflect for a moment on the places where you exercise power and whose voices are active there. Are there any changes you can make to engage young people in your decision-making processes?

Part 3 - Proximity and Resource Sharing

Spiritual Deepening Questions - The Commission invites us to create the joyful, affirming vision of the Unitarian Universalism of our future. Take some time for personal reflection or small group conversation.

  • Who needs Unitarian Universalism now?
  • What resources do we have to share? Where does a scarcity mindset limit our imagination?

Part 4 - Intergenerational Differences in Trust in Institutions

Spiritual Deepening Questions - The Commission encourages us to look with a critical eye at where the impact of systemic racism is apparent in our institution. Take some time for personal reflection.

  • When is disrupting the institution the right tactic?
  • What vision or goals would inspire engagement and trust in Unitarian Universalism?

Part 5 - Parting Advice

Spiritual Deepening - Caitlin asks us during this time of great stress to imagine what might be different if we oriented the work of our faith to reducing loneliness in our communities. Take some time for personal reflection.

  • How do you experience being in relationship most fully?
  • How might you share that with others?
  • What do you imagine would be different if reducing loneliness was a goal?