Understanding the Final Report

Conversation - COIC

In the months leading up to the 2020 General Assembly, the Commission on Institutional Change joined the Church of the Larger Fellowship on The VUU, a weekly podcast, to debrief Widening the Circle of Concern. On the afternoon for Friday, June 26th, the Commissioners were joined by five panels, to dig deeper into the implementation of the reports ten areas of recommendations. These resources are compiled here for congregations, communities, and staff groups to reflect upon, and put into action.

Theological Grounding for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Unitarian Universalism has a rich theological legacy. In our responsible search for truth and meaning, we are called to wrestle with our theological legacy and engage with it in the search for deeper spiritual depth and communal inspiration for the work of transformation. Our actions to live our values can be grounded in our deepened commitment to our values.

Dr. Elías Ortega; Rev. Mykal Slack; Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt; Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

Education and Transformation In UU Communities

A liberatory faith holds the theological mandate to privilege those most in need of justice and most at risk. How do we educate for this theological mandate? What resources are available and what needs to be developed? How do we reward and honor innovators? How to we create right livelihood for our religious professionals?

Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore; Aisha Hauser, MSW; Sarah Dan Jones; Rev. Darrick Jackson 

Why Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Matters To YOUR Congregation

Our faith is changing and we need innovation in worship, in leadership, and in new communities. How do we support the innovators and risk-takers among us? What can we learn from them for our own congregations?

Mary Byron; Dr. Mark Hicks; Linda Russell; Paula Cole Jones; Karin Lin 

Hospitality, Reparations and Our First Principle

When we talk about the need to become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable at a basic level we are talking about hospitality. How do we learn new practices of hospitality for our congregations and our ministries? How is the idea of recognizing past wrongs an extension of this hospitality?

Cir L’Bert, Jr.; Rev. Keith Kron; Rev. Patrice Curtis; Minister Ari Merretazon; Woullard Lett

Accountability. Agility and Good Governance

When we talk about governance, we are talking about power. How do we strengthen the power of our covenantal Association of Congregations to renew what is “commonly believed among us.” What does it mean to develop systems that are accountable to expanding diversity, equity and inclusion? Structures that promote accountability are essential to maintaining progress over time, especially as the world is changing.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi; Rev. Kim Hampton; Lucia Santini Field; Dr. Leon Spencer 

The Commission on Institutional Change on the VUU

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