Youth Program Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Youth Program Scholarship Fund is to make Unitarian Universalist immersion experiences accessible to as many individuals as possible.

YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalist) programming in the Pacific Western Region (PWR) inspires youth to:

  • Cultivate radically inclusive and compassionate youth and adult leaders;
  • Promote leadership recognition, development, and impactful activism - empowerment for positive change;
  • Increase access to opportunities for learning and spiritual growth, while also fostering personal resilience;
  • Embody their values and carry them into the wider world by encouraging UU communities to lean into discomfort, supporting them as they grow;
  • Support traditionally marginalized populations through a commitment to justice and identity work with the goal of tearing down systems of oppression and building Beloved Community;
  • Advocate for a commitment from our congregations and covenanted communities to the lifelong journey of Unitarian Universalism, by providing tools for faith formation and identity development;
  • Care for youth and adult members of the community through a commitment to restorative practices and processes as a means of upholding and repairing covenant;
  • Be accountable - to our youth leadership and communities across the West, to our congregations, and to the broader institution of Unitarian Universalism.

Engagement from the youth, their congregation, and the larger movement fosters interdependence and mutual support. Our hope is that all applicants will speak with their minister or Director of Religious Education in addition to applying for Regional resources. Many congregations earmark monies specifically for youth and their needs.

Events in PWR are sliding scale. Anytime an individual uses the scale to subsidize their attendance the Scholarship Fund is activated. In addition, anytime a participant contributes above the asking rate for the event, the Scholarship Fund is replenished.

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Criteria for Evaluation

  • Financial need
  • Middle or high school youth seeking to attend an immersion experience hosted by PWR
  • In relationship with a UU member congregation or community

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the application process please contact Eric Bliss, Pacific Western Region Youth Specialist at

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