Roots and Wings: A PWR District History Project

Purple and blue tree of life image surrounded by "Roots and Wings" and "A PWR District History Project"

As the Pacific Western Region moves forward into a new phase, we'd like to honor our history. To Reflect on where we have been, Rejoice in the journey, and Renew our commitment to the future. Launched at the 2022 Regional Assembly, Roots and Wings is a project that features histories curated by members of each of our four districts. As Unitarian Universalists, we know that revelation is not sealed and that new wisdom bubbles up all the time. In that spirit, we invite you to offer your own memories. Share about the unforgettable entertainment at that one district assembly, or about when several congregations in your area worked together on that powerful justice project. This is material that you know and you are best person to share it with the future. A forum through which you can share your own memories will be available soon, so please check back in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please send your offerings to so that we can add them to this space.

Full Roots and Wings presentation from Regional Assembly 2022

Mountain Desert District
Pacific Central District
Pacific Northwest District
Pacific Southwest District