Covenanting A Practice of Spiritual Leadership

Black women raising their hands in worship

Covenanting is at the heart of the practice of Unitarian Universalism. Our religious ancestors created our tradition as a faith community bound not by allegiance to a particular creed — that is, specific beliefs — but rather by faithfulness to a covenant — that is, a set of mutual promises to each other and to something greater than ourselves.

Over time, the practice of covenant in many congregations has been reduced to behavioral covenants and used as a way to monitor behavior between individuals. This leaves out so many important aspects of covenant: our commitments to Spirit, Justice, Love, Earth; our commitments to ancestors and our generations to come; our commitments to other UU congregations who are part of our Association.

Spiritual Leadership calls us to remember that covenant is a practice, not a product. There are ways of practicing covenant that are multidimensional and liberating, and which help us learn skills needed to contribute to liberation in the world.

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