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Jobs & Transitions in the New England Region
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The New England Region is searching for an Acting Regional Lead. Read the UUA job openings page to learn more about working at our UUA. Apply today or spread the word if someone you know would be an excellent regional lead for our team.

Seeking employment in a Unitarian Universalist congregation or affiliate organization? View current openings in the gold column on the right.

Need to post a church staff or UU affiliate job description? Please email newengland [at] uua [dot] org with a link to the description on your website or send us a PDF file. Please tell us how long to post the position, and drop us a note when you have filled it. 

If you are a minister or congregation leader seeking part-time (less than 3/4 time), or short-term ministerial services, please contact Karen Bellavance-Grace, ner-ptime [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-4258.

If you are a congregational leader beginning the search process for a full-time or 3/4-time minister, please contact Joe Sullivan, ner-ftime [at] uua [dot] org, (617) 948-4383 for a conversation.

If you are a preacher who would like to offer pulpit supply, guest speaking and officiating services, please submit your information through our pulpit supply form.

Looking for a guest preacher or officiant for a single service or event? View our regional pulpit supply list.

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