Meeting the Rest of Ourselves A Small Group Ministry Series

An orange kitten sees its reflection in a puddle as a lion.

In this seven-part series, participants are introduced to Spiritual Leadership and its five practices: Covenanting, Tending Our Tradition, Doing Our Inner Work, Centering in Gifts, and Faithful Risking.

The series centers on questions faithful people are asking:

"How can we more actively imagine, remember, and bring into being a glorious world rooted in the values of justice, pluralism, equity, generosity, interdependence and transformation? How do we claim the power within us to make a difference rooted in care and connection? When do we accept that sometimes we are in fact powerless to effect change? Is that okay?"

Through pre-work activities, participants are primed before each session to share their reflections, concerns, questions and insights with their small group using Circle Process.

The series was created by the New England Region staff team and comes with a Facilitator Guide and Participant Handbook. Please have a look at these resources and consider offering this Small Group Ministry series in your congregation.