Personnel Committee

Part of Board Committees

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Personnel Committees operate like Human Resources departments in that they don't hire, manage or supervise staff. Instead they advise the board and the senior minister on best practices.

The scope of their role should be communicated in a Personnel Committee Charter Policy approved by the board.


Personnel Policy Manual

Each congregation must decide for itself whether to have a manual and what content to include. The UUA Office of Church Staff Finance (OCSF) offers a Sample Personnel Policy Manual as a starting point. Each congregation using this Sample Manual must make appropriate modifications to comply with applicable state or local laws, and the facts and circumstances of the congregation.

Compensation Standards

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Unitarian Universalism is grounded in justice, equity, and compassion for others. Let us guide you in ensuring that your congregation is living these values within your own walls by offering fair compensation, as well as insurance, and other benefits that keep your staff healthy and protected from hardship.

Legal Compliance

As an employer, the congregation is subject to federal, state and local employment laws. Learn and follow how you can keep your congregation in compliance to avoid fines or other penalties.

Hiring Staff

The OCSF also offers guidance on hiring new staff  including practices that increase your potential for a

Background Checks

Conducting background checks and reference checks on current and future congregational volunteers and staff are critical. The increased use of background checks and reference checks by agencies that work with children often means sexual misconductors are attracted to institutions that don’t conduct checks.

Staff Assessment Tools

Employees in meaningful roles want to do their best, and the best gift an employer can give is honest and helpful feedback. Provide guidance for regular supervision that is supportive and useful to staff members, their supervisors, and your congregation’s leadership.