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Health Care Reform Alerts

Periodic updates about the Affordable Care Act and related health care legislation: see Health Care Reform Alerts.

Compensation and Staffing News

Monthly tips and resources on compensation and personnel matters: Sign up for Compensation and Staffing News.


  • October 2020: Setting Salaries for '21-'22, Multi-Congregational Employment, Open Enrollment, New Resources (for staff working with interim ministers, for leaders administering payroll and benefits)
  • September 2020: Our New Administrator, Electronic Payments, Webinars for Treasurers and Administrators, Health Plan Audit
  • August 2020: Demystifying In Lieu of FICA, Ministerial Transitions in the COVID-19 Era, HR During Virtual Operations 
  • July 2020: Time off, Calculating UU Retirement Plan Contributions, Health Plan Audit, TIAA Digital Challenge Winners
  • Late June 2020 Extra: Communicating Employee Changes, Subscribing New Leaders, Virtual GA, TIAA Digital Challenge
  • June 2020: New and Refreshed Resources, Welcoming William Lester, TIAA Webinars
  • May 2020: Setting Salaries, Benefit Plan Eligibility/Employee Changes, Professional Expenses - As Important as Ever, Help with Congregational Finances
  • Mid-April 2020: COVID-19 Extra Edition: Care for Staff and Their Families, Federal Programs Helping Employers and Employees, UUA Health Plan updates
  • April 2020: Paperless Remitting for Retirement Plan, Employee Assistance Plan, COVID Resources
  • Mid-March 2020: COVID-19 Edition: Congregations as Employers During COVID-19; Finances: Personal and Congregational; Staff Care for the Long Haul
  • March 2020: Professional Expenses as Vocational Lifeline, Congregations as Employers on LeaderLab, Employee Illness
  • February 2020: Compensation Standards Launched, Minister's Discretionary Fund, Staff Development Opportunities, 2020 Mileage Rate
  • January 2020: Compensation Standards, Salary Recommendations and Resources '20-'21, Eye Exams/Eyewear Coverage, Message from Congregational Giving Team

2019 and earlier

Issues from 2017 to 2019 are archived on the Office of Church Staff Finances Publications: Back Issues page.

Retirement Plan News

Monthly news and resources about the UUA Retirement Plan



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