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Office of Church Staff Finances Publications
Office of Church Staff Finances Publications
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Health Care Reform Alerts

Periodic updates about the Affordable Care Act and related health care legislation: see Health Care Reform Alerts.

Compensation and Staffing News

Monthly tips and resources on compensation and personnel matters: Sign up for Compensation and Staffing News.


  • September 2019: Comp Program Past/Future, Professional Expenses for Ministers, Form I-9
  • August 2019: When a Staff member Changes Congregations, New Leaders/Subscribers?
  • July 2019: Professional Interim Training, Health Plan Audit, Benefits Reminders, State and Local Laws
  • June 2019: On Hiring Members, Pay Frequency, General Assembly
  • Special Edition, May 2019: Sample Personnel Policy Manual Available
  • May 2019: Notify Us of Employee Changes, Taxability of Moving Expenses, Staffing Levels and Congregational Size, Scam Alert from UUA IT
  • April 2019: Housing Allowance Preserved, Is Your Minister an Employee?, Interim Ministerial Agreement, Compensation Worksheet
  • March 2019: Budgeting for Benefits, Tax Withholdings, Proposed Change to Overtime Threshold
  • February 2019: New IRS Mileage Rate, Seeking Compensation Consultants, Be a MINDFUL Employer
  • No January issue.


  • Special Year-End Issue: Tax Information and W-2 Forms, 2019 Reminders, OCSF Coverage
  • December 2018: Compensation Worksheet, '19-'20 Salary Recommendations Posted, 2019 Reminders (Ministerial Housing Allowance, State Minimum Wage), Professional Interim Training, Next Issue Mid-February
  • November 2018: Salary Recommendations for '19-'20, Changes to Insurance Plans for 2019, New Ministerial Agreement, OCSF Team
  • October 2018: Benefits Tune-up Month, Compensation and Staffing Resources, OCSF Briefs
  • September 2018: Insurance Plan Enrollment Windows, EAP for Group Insurance Plan Participants, Seeking Feedback, Accepting Comments on Ministerial Agreement
  • No August issue.
  • July 2018: Moving Expenses as Taxable Income, August Hiatus, OCSF Briefs
  • June 2018: Performance Evaluations, Unused Professional Expenses, Professional Interim Training, OCSF at GA
  • May 2018: Employer Contributions to Retirement Plan, When an Employee Becomes Disabled, UUA LeaderLab
  • April 2018: Position Description Template, Recordkeeping for Nonexempt Staff, Budgeting for Benefits
  • March 2018: Keeping Health/Dental Premiums Pre-Tax, Tax Law Affects Employee Moving Expenses, Encourage Staff to Check Withholding
  • February 2018: Who's a Minister for IRS Purposes? Staff Carrying Other Health Insurance? 2018 Withholding Tables 
  • January 2018: Salary or Other Employee Changes, Tax Forms, Staffing for Diversity: Part VI (Wrap-up)


2017 issues are archived on the Office of Church Staff Finances Publications: Back Issues page.

Retirement Plan News

Monthly news and resources about the UUA Retirement Plan: Sign up for Retirement Plan Updates.



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