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  • September 2023: UU Retirement Plan: Eligibility & Empdata, UU Insurance Plan: Eligibility, Terminated Employees, and Open Enrollment, New Resource on Parsonages and Updated Benefits Summary Chart
  • August 2023: When Staff Make Purchases, OCSF Office Hours, I-9 Form Updated, Labor Law Posters, EyeMed Specials
  • July 2023: Guide to Setting Terms of Employment for Non-Clergy, Compensation Consultants, Encourage New Leaders and Staff to Subscribe
  • June 2023: Compensation and Credentialing, UUA Health Plan: Travel and Special Needs Benefits, Empower Platform Questions and Reminders, Insights from 2023 FACT Survey, Church Staff Finances at General Assembly
  • May 2023: Remitting Retirement Contributions, Insurance Enrollment Windows, Annual Insurance Plans Member Survey, The Possibilities of Part-Time Ministry
  • April 2023: Benefits Tune-up Month, Congregational Funding for Clean Energy Projects, Retirement Plan Transition: Tips and Reminders
  • March 2023: Compensation and Staffing Survey Report, Faith Communities Today Survey, Insurance Invoices, Scholarships for Lay Leaders, Retirement Plan Update
  • February 2023: Retirement Plan Recordkeeper Transition, Benefits Tune-up: This Year in April, News from the Insurance Team
  • January 2023: Update your Leaders, Introducing New our Insurance Plans Project Coordinator, News from the Insurance Team, W-2 Form Instructions, Imputed Income, Retirement Plan Transition Update, The New Congregational Salary Program


  • December 2022: Year-End Reminders, Managing to Change the World Workshop, Pending report from the Compensation and Staffing Survey, Reminders from the Retirement Plan Team, Holiday Blessings.
  • November 2022 (part 2): Guide to Setting Terms of Employment, Open Enrollment for 2023, New Congregational Salary Program.
  • November 2022 (part 1): Open Enrollment Coming Soon, In Anticipation of New Salary Program Resources.
  • October 2022: Announcing Our New Retirement Plan Recordkeeper, Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations, Open Enrollment to Begin November 15.
  • September 2022: Editor's Note, UUA Salary Recommendations Rethink Page, Help Onboarding New Staff, Guardian Group Insurance Rates for 2023, Resources for New Treasurers.
  • August 2022: Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations Workshops for Lay Leaders, Survey Update, Imputing Disability Premiums, new OCSF Team members.
  • July 2022: Staff or Hours Changes?, On-Demand Insurance Invoices, Pre-Tax Insurance Premiums, Insurance Team Changes, More on Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations.
  • June 2022: Compensation and Staffing Survey Extended, Retirement Plan Tip #10, More on Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations.
  • May 2022: Compensation and Staffing Survey, Retirement Plan Recordkeeper Transition, Unused Professional Expenses, Rethinking UUA Salary Recommendations.
  • April 2022: Changes Happening, Input Needed, & Questions Answered.
  • March 2022: Rethinking Salary Recommendations, Defining "Compensation" for Benefits Purposes.
  • Mid-February 2022: Benefits Tune-up Workbook: New Format!
  • February 2022: Benefits Tune-up Month, Introducing New Staff, Retirement Employer Participation Agreements, COVID-19 Resources, Insurance Forms
  • January 2022: Remitting Retirement Contributions, Salary Resources, Public Student Loan Forgiveness, WorshipWeb Music Resources

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