Personnel Committee Charter Policy

Part of A Guide to Creating a Board Policy Book

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Personnel Committees operate like Human Resources departments in that they don't hire, manage or supervise staff. Instead they advise the board and the senior minister on best practices.

Potential Personnel Committee Responsibilities

  • Assists the board in developing and updating personnel policies, including policies and procedures for staff grievances and conflicts.
  • Assists in developing job descriptions.
  • Assists the board in keeping an up-to-date personnel manual.
  • Can help developing staff assessment tools and reminding supervisors about the assessment schedule.
  • Ensures that personnel files are maintained and kept confidential and secure.
  • Ensures that the congregation is in compliance with applicable laws as an employer.
  • Ensures that the congregation is in compliance with applicable rules for insurance and retirement plans.
  • Researches and makes recommendations for fair staff compensation (salary & benefits).
  • Researches and makes recommendations for fair hiring practices.

Responsibilities Not Belonging to the Personnel Committee

  • The minister, staff and/or board would reserve the authority for hiring and firing.
  • The board would reserve the authority to form an ad-hoc task force to investigate any staff grievances. The personnel committee should not hold that authority.

Sample Personnel Committee Charter Policy

The Board of Trustees of _____ charters the formation of a Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee will hold the responsibility and authority to monitor and advise the Board of Trustees on personnel matters, including staff compensation within UUA fair compensation guidelines; compliance with all federal, state and local labor laws; and any rules for participating in Insurance and/or Retirement programs. The Personnel Committee will make decisions that are resonant with Unitarian Universalist values and the church's stated vision and mission. The Personnel Committee will be accountable to the Board of Trustees.

The Personnel Committee will consist of _____ voting members, including the _______ and (give details of members). All voting members must be members in good standing of _____.