Sample Personnel Policy Manual

By Richard Nugent, Jan Gartner

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This Sample Personnel Policy Manual (Word) is intended to assist Unitarian Universalist congregations and other UUA-related organizations that are creating a Personnel Manual for the first time, or updating their current Personnel Manual.

These sample policies are grounded in a UU commitment to social and economic justice. However, we recognize that each congregation will need to consider its financial circumstances and community standards in determining the level of benefits, including time off, provided.

The UUA does not mandate any particular policy or procedure. Each congregation must decide for itself whether to have a manual and what content to include. In addition, each congregation using this Sample Manual must make appropriate modifications to comply with applicable state or local laws, and the facts and circumstances of the congregation.

It is impossible to draft any manual that will address all of the myriad differences in our member congregations and the different state and local employment laws. Therefore, any congregation utilizing this Sample Manual must have the final manual reviewed by an attorney or other qualified professional familiar with applicable state and local employment laws.

The UUA Office of Church Staff Finances encourages congregational leaders – both lay and staff – to collaborate on the adoption of a Personnel Manual.

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About the Authors

Richard Nugent

Richard A. Nugent has directed the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances (OCSF) since August 2008. In that capacity, he leads a team managing the UUA’s retirement plan, national health plan, and other employee benefit plans. In addition, the OCSF serves as a HR resource to UUA member congregations...

Jan Gartner

Jan is passionate about helping congregations live out their values within their walls!...

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