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Worship & Music at General Assembly 2015

General Assembly (GA) 2015 was in Portland, OR, June 24-28.

General Assembly, like Unitarian Universalism, offers a wealth of theological diversity. A variety of worship choices are offered throughout GA. We encourage you to celebrate with us—at your local congregation or online!

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  • Opening Celebration, General Session I
    Building a New Way! An in-gathering hymn sing, followed by the opening session, banner parade, and worship.
  • Thursday Morning Devotional
    Open your heart in this down home Oregon worship! With prayer, singing and a little bluegrass, we prepare ourselves for the good work of the day.
  • Service of the Living Tradition
    The Rev. Marlin Lavanhar delivers the sermon, "For Just Such a Time as This," at this service honoring the ministry of fellowshipped and credentialed UU religious leaders.
  • Soul-FULL Hospitality: Friday Worship
    Soul-FULL Hospitality creates spiritual windows for us to risk vulnerability and receive healing balm for our thirsty souls.
  • Synergy Bridging Worship
    Looking at who is at “the welcome table,” and how our youth and young adults are “Building A New Way.” Celebrate these young leaders’ transition into adulthood!
  • Saturday Morning Devotional
    Meditation and a dreamscape of music, with singing bowls, oboe, and improvisational piano, will center our spirits in this morning worship.
  • Evening Sing
    Fantastic UU musicians fill the room full of singing, clapping, and dancing in advance of Dr. Cornel West's Ware Lecture.
  • Re-Storying Hope: Sunday Morning Worship
    Rev. Alison B. Miller delivers the sermon, “Re-Storying Hope,” in this service about how the stories we tell matter, shaping who we are and who we are becoming.
  • Closing Celebration: "On Our Way!"
    This joyful worship sends us home from GA with our toes tapping and our hearts glad! The Rev. Cecilia Kingman and Steven Ballesteros inspire and encourage.

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The Rev. Wendy Bartel (saxophone), the Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley (guitar)

The Rev. Wendy Bartel plays the saxophone and the Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley plays the guitar during the Welcoming Celebration.

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Logo for General Assembly 2015 in Portland Oregon.

The theme of General Assembly 2015 in Portland, OR, wasBuilding a New Way.