General Assembly: GA Presentations: Presenter views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the UUA.

Business & Social Witness at General Assembly 2015

General Assembly (GA) 2015 was in Portland, OR, June 24-28.

The General Assembly is the annual business meeting of the denomination. An elected moderator presides at the General Assembly in accordance with rules of procedure. General Assemblies make overall policy for carrying out the purposes of the Association and direct and control its affairs. Voting at each regular and special General Assembly shall be by accredited delegates from certified member congregations, certified associate member organizations, and trustees.

This page of business coverage includes annual reports, on-demand video and transcripts for general sessions, and minutes.

General Sessions

  • GA Minutes (PDF, 25 pages)

  • Opening Celebration, General Session I

    • Banner Parade
    • Review and Adopt Rules
    • Introduction: Chaplains
    • Introduction: Right Relations Team
    • Introduction: Youth Caucus and Young Adults@GA
    • Introduction: GA Accessibility
  • General Session II
    • GA Planning Committee
    • Commission on Social Witness Report
    • Presidential Search Committee Report
    • President’s Report
    • Moderator’s Report
    • Board of Trustees’ Report
    • Introduction: New Congregations
    • Introduction: Covenanting Communities
    • Budget Report
    • GA Talk: Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA)
    • GA Talk: Mosaic Makers
  • General Session III
    • Preliminary Credentials Report
    • Debate and Vote on Statement of Conscience: Reproductive Justice
    • Collaborative Campaign Report
    • Unitarian Universalist (UU) Service Committee Report
    • UU College of Justice Report
    • GA Talk: Commit2Respond
    • Introduction: UU International Programs
    • GA Talk: YA@GA
    • GA Talk: Transforming Governance (postponed)
    • Commission on Appraisal Report
  • General Session IV
    • Debate and Vote on Actions of Immediate Witness
    • GA Talk: Community Ministry
    • Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee Report
    • Debate and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Amendments to Change the Commission on Appraisal from an Elected Committee to a Board Appointed Committee
    • Special Collection to Support Scholarship Fund for Future GA Delegates
    • Presentation: Distinguished Service Award
    • GA Talk: Lessons from Selma 2015
    • Annual Program Fund Report
    • Presentation: Legacy Society
    • GA Talk: YA@GA
    • Debate and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Amendments to Change the Finance Leadership Roles on the Board of Trustees
    • Debate and Vote on Presidential Election Campaign Financing Rules
    • Financial Advisor’s Report
    • Beacon Press Report
    • Motion to Admit Actions of Immediate Witness to Final Agenda
  • General Session V
    • Presentation: Presidential Award for Volunteer Service
    • Presentation: Angus McLean Award
    • Debate and Vote on Bylaws that are Neutral on Governance Structures of Districts and Regions
  • General Session VI

Public Witness

Social Justice Statements

The Commission on Social Witness (CSW) provided daily updates during GA on the progress of our social witness process: read CSW Alerts for proposed statement text.

The UUA adopted a Statement of Conscience on reproductive justice during General Session III:

The General Assembly adopted three Actions of Immediate Witness during General Session VI:

Annual Reports to the General Assembly

The following documents are PDF files.