Setting Up the Sidebar Content in the UUA WordPress Theme

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The UUA WordPress Theme is a three-column theme, with the main content in the center, related content in the right-hand column (right sidebar), and a menu in the left-hand column (left sidebar). All the pages in your website follow this format except for the homepage, which has its own, unique layout.

Right Sidebar

The Primary Sidebar

The Primary sidebar appears on all pages except your homepage. (The mobile version of the page puts the primary sidebar below the body of the page.)

On the demo site, this sidebar includes:

  • Recent News
  • Next Service
  • Upcoming Events

To customize the primary sidebar, log in as an administrator and choose Appearance > Widgets from the Dashboard. Then click Primary in the area labeled “Sidebar.”

You can select which widgets appear in your primary sidebar by selecting a widget in Appearance > Widgets and choosing “Primary” as its destination. This could include an events calendar, an image of your Facebook page (with a link to Like) and more. Keep in mind that this content will display on nearly every page of your site, so it should be of wide interest.

The Secondary Sidebar

The Secondary sidebar is an optional extension of the right sidebar. If the Secondary sidebar contains any content, it appears just below the Primary sidebar. (It does not have any content in it on our demo site.)

If you wish to add widgets and content, it functions just like the Primary Sidebar described above and can have the same kinds of content. A word of caution: Lengthening your Right Sidebar lengthens the pages throughout your site and will likely create excessive white space below your body text and images.

Is the Right Sidebar Too Long?

Here’s a good test: View a number of your pages on a typical-size computer screen. On most of your pages, if you have excessive white space at the bottom of your page body (your text and images) then reduce the number of widgets in your right sidebar or reduce the number of events and news items each widget displays. If you have excessive white space at the bottom of your right sidebar, then raise the number of widgets in your right sidebar or increase the number of events and news items displayed. Keep your number (and total height) of widgets in line with the average height of the body text and images.

Left Sidebar

The left-hand sidebar contains the Left Sidebar Navigation menu. (In the mobile version the menu collapses.) See Configuring the Menus to learn how to edit this menu.

When logged in, you can customize this sidebar going to the Dashboard, clicking Appearance > Widgets, and clicking Left Sidebar in area labeled “Sidebar.”