#6 Understanding and Using Major Models and Contents of Youth Programming

Competent volunteers and staff are familiar with the Web of Youth Ministry (PDF), the Six Pillars of Balanced Youth Ministry (PDF) and the Tapestry of Faith curricula. Adults should understand there are multiple Ways to Do Youth Ministry (PDF) including youth group and multigenerational worship. Volunteers and staff may want to become familiar with the books Relational Youth Ministry, Contemplative Youth Ministry and Youth Ministry 3.0.

Volunteers and staff should have a “back pocket” full of games to play and be able to articulate the deeper lessons in those games. Adults should be competent in leading worship with youth; if they are not, they may build those skills by partnering with the minister or worship arts committee.

One of the best ways to create lifelong Unitarian Universalists is to ensure that youth feel like they have a home in their spiritual community that goes beyond just meeting with other youth. A competent adult helps youth discover the multiple pathways to participating in the congregation. Volunteers and staff are likely to find themselves acting as liaison breaking down the barriers between generations.

Training: Youth Inclusive Multigenerational Ministries

Video recording (1 hour, 11 minutes)

Audio only (1 hour, 11 minutes)

HOSTED BY: Kim Sweeney (New England), Natalie Briscoe (Southern)

PRESENTED: April 12, 2017

We discuss exciting new ideas for augmenting the traditional youth group-based model, as well as mentor-based youth ministry and methods for creating intentional multigenerational communities with a focus on integrating youth through meaningful and respectful relationship.

Slides (PDF, 21 pages)

Resources List (PDF, 1 page)

Training: Models of Youth Ministry

Video recording (1 hour, 6 minutes)

Audio only (1 hour, 6 minutes)

HOSTED BY: Kim Sweeney (New England), Natalie Briscoe (Southern)

PRESENTED: May 10, 2017

Panelists Danielle Bannister (ME), Rev. Heather Concannon (MA), Alix Klinenberg (CA), and Rev. Paul Sawyer (VT) have employed exciting models of youth ministry in their congregations and tell us how they went about making these changes, the steps they took in implementing these models, and what they learned to avoid along the way.

Slides (PDF, 22 pages)

Resources List (PDF, 1 page)

Youth Ministry Working Group

Policy wonk? Read the comprehensive report that drives the current UU youth ministry model.

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Mosaic Project Report

Read the recommendations to help congregations, districts, and the UUA create an environment that effectively supports youth and young adults of color.

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Youth Ministry at its Worst & Best

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