#7 Developing Self-Knowledge and Presence

Most of youth ministry, like all ministry, is not really about doing. It's about being. Are adults being authentic, caring and in real relationship? A competent adult is able to self differentiate, take time to reflect about what brings them joy, and knows their limits and weaknesses.

Competent adults have an understanding of UU theology and a UU identity. Adults should at least be able to articulate our Seven Principles and Six Sources. Adults should also be able to articulate what Unitarian Universalists believe.

Adults in ministry with youth need to meet their social, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs outside of their role in youth ministry. Adults need self-care and grounding that can be found through personal and group spiritual practice.

Training: Self-Development and Presence

The old adage “Know Thyself” is the focus of Competency 7: Developing Self-Knowledge and Presence. Since no one can lead a webinar about, well, YOU, this section of the Youth Ministry Training Series will take the form of a customizeable workshop which can be tailored to your group’s needs and interests. With sections on Unitarian Universalist Theology, Unitarian Universalist Identity building in Adolescence and beyond, and UU Spiritual Practices, this workshop offers a variety of methods for focusing on faith formation and never-ending growth.

Download the Self Development and Presence workshop (Word) (PDF).

Our Whole Lives: Sexuality Education for Adults

By Richard S. Kimball

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