#2 Creating a Safe(R) Youth Program

Keeping everyone safe is a priority. As soon as an adult signs up to work with youth they need to know the congregation’s safety policies and what to do in an emergency or a crisis. Adults must be able to communicate liability, non-negotiable rules and consequences; ensure youth are invested in holding one another accountable; and understand what is required by law regarding mandatory reporting.

Rules should be understood by at least four parties: the youth, the adults, the church body that's responsible for youth ministry, and the parents. Making boundaries clear will help youth figure out what appropriate behavior looks like.

Creating a safe(r) youth program is also about creating safe space through covenant. Beyond the agreed upon expectations and behavioral guidelines, adults in youth ministry should be able to help youth articulate a deeper, more aspirational covenant of how we want to be our best selves together.

Training: Safety in Youth Ministry

Video recording (1 hour, 2 minutes)

Audio only (1 hour, 2 minutes)

HOSTED BY: Evin Carvill-Ziemer (Central East), Kim Sweeney (New England).

PRESENTED: November 10, 2016

This webinar is based on the second competency in the Competencies for Ministry To/With Youth: Creating a Safe(R) Youth Program.When we know better, we do better. Hear current best practices for youth safety including updated policies and procedures. We cover the details of changes and will highlight stories from youth and adult leaders making real the promises of covenant when it comes to safety.

Additional Training Materials

Slides (PDF, 27 pages)