Learning Center for Leaders: Tips, Tools, and Trainings

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Important Note: ​LeaderLab is a Learning Community! We welcome your feedback on the evolving resources (use the email address at the bottom of the pages.) We especially appreciate feedback on how we can improve resources as part of our commitment to dismantling white supremacy.

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Resources for Lay Leaders, Religious Professionals in Congregations & Covenanted Communities

Leadership Development and Deepening for the 21st Century

We have a variety of options to develop deep leadership skills and sensibilities. We offer curricula, online trainings, live webinars and immersion experiences that include both spiritual and intercultural lenses.

Deepen Your Leadership

Do you need ideas or information right now?
Here you'll find everything from webinars, videos, articles to blog posts to help you be a better leader in your congregations. You'll find resources on governing, shared ministry, membership, stewardship, finance, conflict, growth, safety and many more topics relevant to UU leaders.

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