Leadership Training by Congregational Role

This is a growing library of training materials for various congregational volunteer roles including board members, committee chairs, treasurers, ministry team leaders, teachers, etc.

This page is a work in progress! We will be adding additional training materials as time and other resources allow!

Core Leadership Trainings

Every leader needs basic skills such as healthy communication, systems thinking, spiritual grounding and an understanding of the dynamics of conflict. Each of these trainings go deeper and deeper to help develop these skills.

Note: Each training has a $30 fee

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Board Member Training

Use this 12-Part training to onboard new board members, to use as a monthly board in-service training, or for a quick reference during board meetings.

This training is free.

Take the Training for Board Members

Finance Committee Training

A library of resources and best practices for your congregation's finances.

This training is free.

Access the Training Resources in "Money Matters"

Lay Spiritual Care Training

This robust training has been created for non-ordained congregational leaders (usually lay leader and/or paid staff) who have been endorsed by other leaders in the congregation (the minister, or the board in lay-led congregations). It may also be used as a part of professional credentialing for non-ordained staff such as religious education or music professionals.

Note: This training has a $30 fee

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Discernment Circle Training

Many congregations are exploring Dynamic Governance (also known as Sociocracy) as an existing model that offers a way to be inclusive while still being effective. Many intentional communities and progressive organizations have adopted this as a governance model.

Instead of recommending that a congregation adopt Sociocracy as a top-down governance change, we are suggesting that congregations start by trying out discernment circle practices for complex decisions in their committees and teams.

This training (a work in progress!) is offered to congregational teams so that they can learn, practice and introduce circles to their congregations. The course is self-paced, with materials available on-demand. Practice sessions are offered by the facilitators.

Note: This training has a $30 fee

Take the Training to use Discernment Circles for Your Team or Committee

Leadership Development Teams

Many congregations only think about developing new leaders around the time that the nominating committee is looking for potential board members. Instead, we recommend that congregations see leadership development as part of an arc of faith development that includes not just leadership skills, but also leadership sensibilities and faith development.

This training uses the 5 "I's" of Leadership Development: Identify, Invite, Inform, Involve, and Inquire.

This training is free.

Take the Training for Leadership Development Teams

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