The Congregational Handbook
The Congregational Handbook
Congregational Administration

An Guide to Congregational Health and Vitality

Many of The Congregational Handbook's resources focus on using a process—rather than a recipe with a predetermined outcome—to deal with congregational complexities. Congregations can use these processes to make a decision, discern their next steps in development, or embark on a culture transition. The Handbook is intended to be user-friendly and tailored to your congregational size; it offers examples of processes for congregations that are just starting up, for small congregations (with fewer than 150 members), for mid-size congregations (with 151 to 550 members), and for large congregations (with more than 550 members). It also includes options that congregations can adapt to their unique situations. 


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  • The regional Congregational Life staff are congregations' local connection to the UUA. All of the program Congregational Life staff have expertise in most aspects of congregational life and each also has a few program areas of expertise. See the UUA Congregational Life Staff...

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