Promise and Practice Sunday Resources for Congregations

In addition to the worship resources provided by WorshipWeb, we have outlined some resources and suggestions for congregations to use in fulfilling this radical commitment as an Association. Many of these actions will go beyond practices to be fulfilled on one Sunday. Please consider these actions as part of the ongoing work as we make this bold commitment Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) and to ourselves as we nurture a radically inclusive, justice-centered, multiracial and multigenerational religious faith.

Learn More About BLUU and the History of Black Empowerment Within the UUA​

​​Explore the History of Black Lives Within Your Congregation​

  • ​We invite you to examine your congregation's history and discover how it has benefited from the lives of Black people. How has your history been positively impacted by Black voices or Black wealth?
  • ​Share what you learn within your congregation and beyond, and consider how to include this history in your congregation's story. Furthermore, consider what your congregation's legacy would be like if those benefits had not been available.

​Support Your Fellow Congregations in the Promise and Practice

  • ​​Congregational Life Staff will provide opportunities for support/checking in to help navigate through the resources and explore new ways for your congregation to the voices of Black Lives within Unitarian Universalism.
  • ​Please check in with your neighboring congregations to see how you can support one another through this campaign!

​We encourage you to use and share these resources within your congregations and clusters in our ongoing work to dismantle white supremacy, racism, and oppression from within our denomination.