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Program Areas and Special Funds

A just and loving world needs Unitarian Universalism. It needs our gifts of labor, love, and money. Will you help Unitarian Universalism reach out and grow? To give to a program area or special fund, you can donate online (where indicated), send a check by mail, or call us at (888) 792-5885.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Gifts to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response will be used to provide financial assistance to UU congregations and related UU entities, as well as to UU religious professionals and administrative staff impacted by this crisis. Donate now.


  • Side with Love
    Side with Love (previously Standing on the Side of Love) is the UUA's public advocacy campaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression. Your gift will help to combat fear and hate. Donate to SWL now.
  • UU the Vote

    UU the Vote supports congregations and UU organizations in activating thousands of UUs in 2020 to mobilize voters, counter voter suppression, and engage in spiritually grounded, values-based issue conversations with voters in their communities. Together we're going to #VoteLove and bring our passion to the polls. Donate to UU the Vote now.

Climate Justice

Climate change is already causing suffering around the world every day. Recognizing the interdependence of all life, we are called as people of faith and conscience to heal and sustain the planet we call home. As the frequency and severity of natural disasters increases, the UUA has established a general disaster relief fund.

  • UUA Disaster Relief Fund
    The UUA stands with its congregations and is ready to provide assistance to help congregations in repairing any damage, and to support them in responding to the needs of their members' and their community's efforts to get back on its feet. Donate to disaster relief now.


  • Religious Education Fund
    A fund to support religious education in our faith, including curricula, resources and training for educators.


  • Every Child is Our Child Program
    This program helps children in Africa reach their full potential by providing them with opportunities to attend school and receive the medical attention they need. With your support, we buy school uniforms, books, school supplies, shoes and other necessities that make school attendance possible. Donate to ECOC now.
  • Holdeen India Program
    The Holdeen program works with local organizations to advance empowerment and promote equity for India's most vulnerable groups. The Program is committed to enabling these groups to transform their social and economic conditions in directions of their own choosing. Donate to the UUHIP now.
  • UU-United Nations Office
    The UU-UNO advocates to the United Nations on issues important to UUs, such as equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people; peacemaking; international rights for women and children; and climate change. Donate to the UU-UNO now.