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Areas to Support
Areas to Support
Giving & Generosity, Annual Program Fund, Friends of the UUA, Planned Gifts

Your gifts to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) put our faith into action. Every gift helps our congregations bring people together and allows our Association to reach out and take a stand for justice, love, and peace. There are several ways that you can live out your faith by giving to the UUA:

Friends of the UUA

By making a gift to Friends of the UUA, you are demonstrating your commitment to our values and our efforts to grow and support our community of congregations. Your gift is critical to our mission. Every dollar donated goes to supporting important initiatives that directly impact congregations nationwide.

Leadership Annual Giving

Individuals or households contributing $10,000 or more in unrestricted gifts each year are recognized at the Leadership Annual Giving level.

Programs and Special Funds

A just and loving world needs Unitarian Universalism. It needs our gifts of labor, love, and money. Will you help Unitarian Universalism reach out and grow by giving to a special fund?

Wake Now Our Vision Collaborative Campaign

Welcome to a movement that calls you to put more faith in yourself, your community, and your world. We hope you will be part of this unprecedented opportunity by pledging a planned gift to the Wake Now Our Vision (WNOV) Collaborative Campaign Legacy Challenge. Now, more than ever, we recognize the need to strengthen the institutions that amplify the values of our shared faith, both within our congregations and within our communities.

Legacy Challenge Campaign Goal

Our Legacy Challenge will strengthen the future of Unitarian Universalism through planned giving. It is our belief that planned giving has the potential to transform our faith. The UU Congregation at Shelter Rock recognizes this power and, through its incredible generosity, has offered a $5 million grant to incentivize new planned gifts. The WNOV Collaborative Campaign Legacy Challenge provides Unitarian Universalists with the opportunity to make a difference now and to shape the future of UU for generations to come.

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