What Does My Contribution to Friends of the UUA Support?

Contributions are used to provide vital services to member congregations through the UUA's programs and services such as:

Growing of Healthy, Vital Congregations

Congregational Services & Regional Staff:

  • Start new congregations and provide resources for congregational growth
  • Coordinate Field Staff around the continent
  • Support Young Adult Ministry, addressing the needs of UUs ages 18-35
  • Distribute grants to districts and congregations
  • Assist congregations with building loans, guarantees and grants
  • Provide fundraising consulting for capital and operating campaigns
  • Sponsor/underwrite conferences for small, mid-size and large congregations

Renewing our spirit, growing with our faith
Strengthen, support and enhance the work of our professional leaders.

Ministry, assisting:

  • Seminary students, both financially and with career planning
  • Congregations in search of a called, interim or intern minister
  • Ministers with career development and continuing education
  • Ministers in financial or other crisis situations
  • New ministers in their first parish settlement

Religious Education, providing:

  • Continuing skill development & education
  • Curricula and Resources * like Tapestry of Faith
  • Families Network *
  • Our Whole Lives curricula
  • The Renaissance Program
  • Development of liberal religious curricula
  • Training and support for religious educators
  • Resources for youth through the
  • Youth Office
  • A Ministry to Families network of resources and training

Take a Journey Toward Wholeness
"Building tolerance programs."

Faith in Action, supporting:

  • Accessibilty​
  • Anti-Heterosexism/Homophobia
  • Anti-Racism
  • Welcoming Congregations
  • Journey Toward Wholeness Initiative
  • Training for our leaders in social justice work
  • The Washington Office, positioned to respond to immediate policy issues through legislative advocacy and coalition building
  • Development/administration of anti-oppression programs and resources
  • Work with other interfaith and secular organizations for social transformation

Our Youth, Campus Ministry & Young Adults:

  • Young Religious UU's (YRUU)
  • Young/Adult Campus Ministry
  • Continental Events & Projects
  • UUA and Boy Scouts


  • Publishing the UU WORLD Magazine 
  • Developing and updating the UUA website
  • Overseeing the more than 100 email mailing lists and web-based discussion forums hosted by the UUA server including online courses
  • Producing brochures on a variety of UU topics
  • Houses Skinner House, publishing books about UU faith and history, spirituality and congregational life