Restaurants Near the Oregon Convention Center

Eating at General Assembly

Meals are not included with General Assembly registration. Please allow adequate times for nourishment and rest.

There will be concessions available at the convention center, as well as a daily hot lunch and Friday dinner available for purchase. Please note, outside food and beverages are not allowed in the convention center.

From Open Table:

If Portlandia’s eccentric humor made you anxious to visit this west coast gem, rest assured, food is no laughing matter to these folks. This quirky City of Roses, beloved for its food truck scene, is holding its own in the world of fine dining, as well. Farm-to-table is practically a religion here, so whether you’re grabbing some bar bites, coursing through a James Beard-awarded tasting menu, or sampling a unique treat from a food cart, everything will be fresh, both in style and quality. Portlandians dress casually, act friendly and are always up to get a little bit weird… or a lot! If an open-minded curiosity takes the lead, you can enjoy devilish doughnuts, reverse happy hours, or a filet at a famed strip club. Unexpected as it may be, their options for Sushi and Thai are plentiful and flavorfully spot-on. Whatever strikes your fancy in this inventive cycling city, your taste buds will be doing wheelies all the way home.