Italian pastries are in the foreground; a gray-haired woman wearing an apron and gloves is seen behind, boxing pastires

Scialo Bros. Bakery Old-World Italian Bakery has offered traditional cookies, pastries & cakes since 1916.

Restaurants Near the Rhode Island Convention Center
Restaurants Near the Rhode Island Convention Center
General Assembly

Eating at General Assembly

Meals are not included with General Assembly registration. Please allow adequate times for nourishment and rest. There will be concessions available at the convention center, as well as a hot buffet offering. However, buying simple groceries such as fruit and granola bars will give you more control over your time, wallet, and well-being.

From Open Table:

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it is home to a delicious selection of cuisine types at the state's many cafes, restaurants, and bars. Brown bread is a food commonly served at many contemporary American restaurants. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the seafood dishes that can be found at the Italian, American and seafood venues. Caldo verde, or kale soup, is iconic to the area as well and is available at the local Portuguese dining establishments, reflecting the state's large Portuguese community. Another way to get a taste of the local cuisine is to order the stuffies or the Rhode Island calamari. To try out a dish that's a little bit sweeter, you could stop into an Italian restaurant and taste the appetizing doughboys.

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