Ridesharing to General Assembly
Ridesharing to General Assembly
General Assembly

General Assembly (GA) is in Providence, RI this summer, within a day’s drive for over 50,000 Unitarian Universalists. 

Let’s get there together! Save money, reduce environmental impact, and foster community by sharing rides to GA.  

Here’s some ideas for traveling together: 

  • Ridesharing and Carpooling. If your congregation has parking that won’t be used in June, consider offering your site as a park-and-ride or meeting spot to share rides to GA. 

  • General Assembly 2020 has been posted on the rideshare site RickyRides.com. Drivers and riders can post ride offers or requests with by location (zipcode). Congregations can create a post and put park-and-ride information in the description. 

  • Congregations might also consider using a church vehicle or renting a van and providing transportation – either as a fundraiser or just a way to facilitate attendance from your congregation. Consult your insurer before implementing a rideshare program.  

  • Is your congregation near an Amtrak station? Use your available parking to be a park-and-ride location for the train to Providence. 

 Best Practices for Shared Rides 

  • Safety First. Abide by traffic laws. Drive safely and buckle up! 

  • Be Punctual. Be clear about location, date and timing. 

  • Discuss expectations, including shared costs and payment methods, before agreeing to drive or ride. 

  • Interact respectfully; don’t eat, drink, or smoke if not previously arranged. 

  • Many people in our community become ill when exposed to fragrances contained in personal care and laundry products. Please commit to remaining fragrance-free throughout GA. 

  • Never make anyone else feel threatened or unsafe in general. 

  • Review the RickyRides.com terms and conditions 

For more information contact generalassembly@uua.org.

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