About General Assembly 2009 Online

2009 GA Webworkers.

The 2009 GA Webworkers Team

Brought to you by the work of many dedicated staff and volunteers!

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) Office of Electronic Communication is creating this year's General Assembly (GA) 2009 website. Over 20 volunteers and UUA staff are attending GA events and will soon be hard at work, writing articles, posting handouts and transcripts of events on the web, recording and streaming events, capturing the sights and sounds of GA on audio, blogging, shooting pictures, and converting everything into web pages.

Most of the group will be working out of a meeting room in the Salt Lake City Marriott Hotel filled with computers, digital cameras, video equipment, M&M's, and zillions of cables. Other members of the team are working from Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York.

If you have a submission you'd like to add to our coverage or have questions about GA Online please email your query to GAWeb@uua.org.

  • Editor in Chief: *Deb Weiner
  • Production Manager: *Kasey Melski
  • Online Communication Manager: *Tim Griffin
  • Special Projects Manager/Webweaver: Anna Belle Leiserson
  • Assignment Editor: Dan Harper
  • Editors: Dana Dwinell-Yardley, Jone Johnson Lewis, Bill Lewis
  • Reporters:
    • Toby Haber
    • Sara Robinson
    • KokHeong McNaughton
    • Mike McNaughton
    • Doug Muder
    • Dee Ray
    • Rebecca Kelley-Morgan
    • Sally Russell
    • Rodney Lowe
  • Audio Postcards: Krissa Palmer
  • Live-Blogging/Twitter Reports:
    • Dan Harper
    • Doug Muder
    • Sara Robinson
    • Deb Weiner
  • Video Team Lead: Lance Brown
  • Videographers:
    • Donald Griggs
    • Mark Gibbons
    • Jeff Philip
    • Nancy Philip
  • Official UUA Photographer: Nancy Pierce
  • Photographers/Special Event Coverage:
    • Helio Fred Garcia
    • Katie Garcia
    • Juliana Garcia

*indicates UUA Staff Member