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Church of the Larger Fellowship In-Gathering

General Assembly 2006 Event 1009

Sponsor: Church of the Larger Fellowship

For the first time Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) held a District Ingathering. About 40 people, both members and friends of CLF stopped by to join in the festivities. Since CLF is a long distance church for people who are isolated by chance or by choice, we do not have an opportunity to gather on a regular basis as we have no building to house us. Our minister and some staff also met many people face-to-face for the first time.

People came from across the continent and from as far away as Belgium. CLF is truly global and we spent time getting to know people we may have met in cyberspace on one of the many CLF email lists or forums or online classes.

The Moderator, Linda Melski, called the group together using a fork and lid to an ice bucket (think creative use of what's on hand). Our minister, the Rev. Jane Rzepka began the festivities by drawing the first prize winner. Festivities continued with everyone joining in the fun. Good food kept the party going. We were sorry to have the hour end so quickly and look forward to gathering again in Portland.

Reported by Linda Melski; photos by John Melski.