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Financial Management for Congregational Leaders

General Assembly 2000 Event 520
Presenters: Rev. Ralph Mero, Director of Church Staff Finances; Dr. Wayne B. Clark, Director of Congregational Fundraising Services; Jerry Gabert, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Treasurer

Member confidence and productive fundraising depend on effective management of the church's money. In addition, ministers may face financial hardship at retirement if their congregation has not provided for them.

The UUA provides staff resources to help congregations improve their financial operations, including both fundraising and investing. Much of the best documentation and information on contacting UUA staff are now available through the UUA website. The Office of Church Staff Finances, for example, offers both a managed retirement plan and a group insurance plan for eligible congregational staff members. Congregational Fundraising Services offers a variety of services from help in financing a building to a consultant program. The UUA Board of Trustees has information on socially responsible investing through the Annual Treasurer's Report and Financial statements, among other resources.

See UUA Finance for more information.

Reported by Bill Lewis.