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Chalice Lighters enroll to fund grants that help make these dreams a reality:

  • Congregations with outstanding programs and outreach get the help they need to stretch and make their dreams into program realities.
  • New congregations are supported in their fledgling stages so they can thrive, grow and serve those around them.
  • Congregations that need a new home, or need to expand or repair a familiar home are able to meet the needs of their members and future members.
  • New or expanded staff positions help congregations realize their mission, increase their reach, and serve new ministries and members in new ways.

Helping neighboring congregations to realize their dreams is a splendid way to cooperatively grow the faith. Their successes spur us all on to greater learning and innovation. A Chalice Lighter Call letter or email notifies Chalice Lighters of the results of a grant-giving session of the CER Chalice Lighters Program Committee and it is time to send in their pledged amount to support the grants. There are currently 3 of these grant-giving sessions a year, giving approximately 2 grants of 20 thousand at each session.

Many Chalice Lighters pay for a year at a time to simplify record keeping. The current suggested pledge is 20 dollars per person per call, or 60 dollars per year for an individual and 120 dollars per year for a couple. Pledges of more or less are welcome.

Thanks for signing up to be a Central East Region Chalice Lighter.

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