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Central East Region Chalice Lighter Program

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Do you want to help Unitarian Universalism spread? Would you like to see more people find this life saving faith?

Imagine this:

  • Congregations with outstanding programs and outreach get the help they need to stretch and make their dreams into program realities.
  • New congregations are supported in their fledgling stages so they can thrive, grow and serve those around them.
  • Congregations that need a new home, or need to expand or repair a familiar home are able to meet the needs of their members and future members.
  • New or expanded staff positions help congregations realize their mission, increase their reach, and serve new ministries and members in new ways.

This is what Chalice Lighters like you banding together can do.

We Are Better Together.

A Chalice Lighter is an individual who makes a commitment to respond to a call from the CER Chalice Lighters Program Committee to support one or more new congregational projects like the ones above. These calls come out three times a year. The suggested commitment is $20 per call or $60 per year. We welcome gifts of any size.

Interested? Sign up now! There is no payment due at this time, you will be contacted for a payment with the next call.

Want to learn more? Check out our detailed pages:

Need more information or have questions? This program is overseen by Cristina Sanchis, CER Financial Manager, and the CER Chalice Lighters Program Committee. Contact them at chalicelighters@cerguua.org.