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CER Camps and Institutes
CER Camps and Institutes

There are several camps and institutes that take place in the Central East Region every year. Some of these are run by the region, others are independent groups. The camps listed at the top comply with all CER youth and child safety policies.

Summer Institute

Summer Institute is a week long family friendly, multigenerational camp held at Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH in July each year. Registration opens in April. Learn about Summer Institute.

Winter Institute

Winter Institute is a schedule free, relaxing weekend usually held on President's Weekend at Salt Fork State Park and Lodge near Cambridge, OH. Learn about Winter Institute.


Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community (UUMAC). This multigenerational conference meets for a week in July at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. Learn more at the UUMAC website. Please note it is not a program of the Central East Region, but is independent.

Independent Camps and Conferences

Please note that these groups are not required to abide by CER youth and child safety policies and we do not endorse them as such.

  • Sophia Fahs UU RE Camp—This yearly camp is sponsored by the LIAC cluster. Sophia Fahs RE Camp is held at the 25 acre Camp Quinipet on the western shoreline at Jennings Point of Shelter Island. The facility includes recreation fields, a swimming area, dining hall, recreation hall, dorms/ cabins, nurse’s station and more. It is held for a week in August each year. Learn more at the Camp website.
  • Camp Unirondack—This is a year round traditional camp located in the Adirdonack mountains of upstate New York. In the summer there are week long camps for youth, children and families. Other events are scheduled in fall and spring. Learn more at the Camp Unirondack website.
  • Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center - This is a year round retreat center in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. It is on the location where Murray preached the first Universalist sermon in the United States. They host a number of different retreats and camps along with being available for rentals. Details at the Murray Grove website.

For a list of camps and conferences outside of our region check out the UUA's related organizations page.

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