Pulpit Supply

Congregations are often looking for speakers for Sunday mornings. This webpage was created to assist Southern Region congregations in finding people who are willing to provide pulpit supply.

The Southern Region has not vetted these speakers in any way. The burden is on a congregation looking for a speaker to contact references to see if a speaker might be suitable.

Congregations are expected to offer an honorarium plus expenses for this service. We recommend you follow the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association fee scale. Please contact the listed speakers directly to negotiate dates and honorarium/expenses.

This map will be updated annually. PURPLE dots indicate fellowshipped UU ministers; BLUE dots indicate Ministerial Candidates and Seminarians; RED dots indicate Other UU Religious Professionals; YELLOW dots indicate non-UU ministers; GREEN dots indicate lay speakers; ORANGE dots indicate some other designation. Please note that some cities have more than one colored dot.

I understand that the information provided on the map is provided by speakers and has not in any way been verified or vetted by the Southern Region - thus it is my job to check references for suitability.

The Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) also maintains a Virtual Guest in the Pulpit Database.