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Chalice Lighters

Chalice Lighter Call for Georgia Mountains UU Church – September 2019

The Fall 2019 Chalice Lighter call for our Mid-South geographical area has been awarded to Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church in Dahlonega, Georgia. Chalice Lighter funding will help the congregation build a new church home on their recently purchased five acre property.

Georgia Mountains UU Church (GMUUC) presence promotes progressive values and represents Unitarian Universalist Principles in one of the most conservative voting districts in the United States. The congregation's Faith in Action committee works tirelessly at supporting issues such as, but not limited to, voter suppression, immigration rights, environmental justice, and reproductive freedom. GMUUC is a center for progressive religious ideas and actions in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. As they approach 100 active members, they are outgrowing their current facility and are eager to expand liberal religion here in the South! GMUUC’s goal is to build a 7000 square foot building, which in addition to serving as their new church home, can be adapted to multiple uses and be made available to the community. They have an opportunity to build a facility that will highlight green elements and provide community access for Interfaith and Social Justice events.

Individual and congregational contributions to this Chalice Lighter call will be a gift to support growth at Georgia Mountains UU Church as well as the overall growth of Unitarian Universalism across the Southern Region. Chalice Lighters, please give generously! Congregations, please consider holding a special offering or share the plate collection to share gifts with Georgia Mountains UU Church!

How to contribute:

Online donations may be made on the congregation's website (look for the “Donate” button; you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this method). For those already using PayPal you may use or “Send Money” to Gmuuc [at] live [dot] com.  

Donations by check, payable to “Georgia Mountains UU Church” with a memo “Chalice Lighters,” may be mailed to Georgia Mountains UU Church, Attn: Chalice Lighter, PO Box 630, Dahlonega, GA 30533.

This Chalice Lighter call will close on November 30, 2019.

Thank you for your generous support of this call!

Download a printable version of this call letter to share with your congregation.

Chalice Lighters Background

The Chalice Lighter program began in 1984 as a way for individuals to extend our faith by making a donation of $10 or more for three calls per year. 

Our new program works similarly, allowing individuals and congregations to support and be generous with one another to work on transformational goals. Chalice Lighter calls are crowd-funded contributions given by committed Unitarian Universalist "Chalice Lighters" and Southern Region congregations. Anyone can become a Chalice Lighter — just join our Chalice Lighter email list and respond with a contribution when a call goes out. 

Our new approach continues to support personal generosity. Additionally, it encourages congregations to participate in Chalice Lighter calls, by a "share the plate” offering or other special gift solicitation—because we know we are stronger together!

The Southern Region’s Chalice Lighter team comprises volunteers from each of the four historic districts, and will evaluate and select Chalice Lighter call applications. In keeping with the times, all our work will be done via email and social media. The Chalice Lighter team will monitor each call’s progress and receive a report from the congregation on its total receipts and how funds are being utilized. There will be up to two calls for each of our Region’s historic geographical districts plus one additional call for a Region-wide effort each year—for a possible total of nine calls. The Chalice Lighter Team will notify us all of each call. (We do not limit the number of calls a donor contributes toward, but anticipate most donors will give to the two calls for congregations in their geographical district and to the one Region-wide call.) As before, each call will have a launch and end date.

Which Projects Are Eligible?

Projects eligible for a Chalice Lighter call include UUA member, “Honor Share APF" (formerly GIFT) congregations seeking:     

  • To hire a first time professional religious leadership;
  • To acquire land/building or to build a new building;
  • To make ADA improvements to their current facilities;
  • To support an inclusive wider community social justice project;
  • To support a newly affiliated UUA Member Congregation;
  • Other innovative projects may be considered.

Request for Proposals

Chalice Lighter proposals for each of our historic, geographical districts will be considered on a semi-annual basis.

Call Cycle Application Deadline


August 15
Winter (Region-wide call) November 15
Spring March 15

Your Regional Chalice Lighter Working Team

  • Nathalie Bigord (GA)
  • Margie Manning (FL)
  • Larry Meisner (NC)
  • Audrey Barcelo (FL)
  • Mary Miles (SC)
  • Melanie Walter-Mahoney (TX)
  • Christie McGue (MX)
  • James Lang (TX)
  • Bob Keim (FL)

Questions? Comments? Contact the CL Working Team at srchalicelighter [at] uua [dot] org.

For more information contact

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