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From the High Hill

© 2009

From the High Hill: Odyssey Writing for Elders engages elders in mining the stories of a lifetime to create a presentation to share with peers, loved ones, and co-congregants. Two weekend retreats—one for preparation, one for presentations—frame an individual period of remembering, sorting, reflecting, and writing. Participants are guided to gather and reflect on stories that delight, that challenge, that invite new wisdom and understanding, and then to act on new goals that emerge from this process. Includes practical implementation guidelines, a thoughtful participant guide for writing a personal Odyssey, and suggestions for celebrating and honoring Odyssey writers in the small group formed for this purpose and in the congregation. From the High Hill is a significant tool for enriching your congregation’s ministry to elders.

About the Author

Anne Odin Heller

The Reverend Anne Odin Heller is the author of Churchworks: A Well-body Book for Congregations. She has served the Unitarian Universalist Association as District Executive (DE) for the Pacific Northwest District and as Interim DE for both the Massachusetts Bay District and the Southwest Conference.

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