Political cartoon showing an elephant representing the G.O.P. and a donkey representing the Democratic Party, facing off wearing boxer shorts and boxing gloves
Beyond the Partisan Divide
Beyond the Partisan Divide—Toolkit
Faith Development, Adult Faith Development

Unitarian Universalism is a border-crossing faith. We constantly revisit what it means to be open and welcoming to all who would find sustenance in our message and our communities. Our first Principle calls us to see the inherent worth and dignity in every person. Our fourth champions a free search for truth and meaning. Still, living in our two-party political system, we sometimes struggle to embody a welcome that stretches across partisan division.

This toolkit offers videos, exercises, and resources to use as a group in a one-day setting, as separate workshops over time, or individually on one's own. Beyond the Partisan Divide was first created as a workshop at the 2014 General Assembly by Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael, Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael, Rev. Nancy McDonald-Ladd, and Paul Roche. This expanded toolkit includes:

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