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Military Ministry Toolkit for Congregations
Military Ministry Toolkit for Congregations
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Full Video of Embracing the Unitarian Universalist Behind the Uniform.

The Military Ministry Toolkit (PDF, 54 pages) is a six-workshop program for adults in Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith communities that seek to become more intentionally open and inviting to military servicepeople, veterans, and their families. The series of one-hour workshops provides a structured process, spiritually grounded in Unitarian Universalism, for:

  • learning about issues related to military service,
  • respectfully discussing issues of war and peace, and
  • preparing as individuals and as a faith community to welcome and support military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Recommended Reading

The Military Ministry Toolkit draws on several books, all available from the UUA Bookstore, which your congregation may find useful as you explore and implement military ministry.

UU Military Ministry Video

The program includes a video (23:05), Embracing the Unitarian Universalist Behind the Uniform, for lay leaders and professional staff to share with congregations. In the video, ministers (including military chaplains), lay veterans, active duty military personnel, and military family members present a compelling case for UU military ministry. The video can be used:

  • to introduce UU military ministry
  • to help congregational leaders to “make the case” for why a faith community should reach out to military personnel, veterans, and families
  • as a marketing and information tool to promote the Military Ministry workshop series
  • in a worship service
  • as part of a program that invites people of multiple generations (elders, adults, young adults, and youth) into conversation about military service.

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