Mandie McGlynn

Mandie McGlynn smiles. She's wearing eyeglasses with multicolor frames, and her long hair is in shades of teal, pink and purple.

Mandie McGlynn (she/her) is a Spiritual Companion specializing in spiritual care for those unaffiliated with or underserved by institutional religion. A white, able-bodied, queer Jew, Mandie believes that all our stories are sacred, and she uses deep listening and reflection, Tarot, text study, and more to engage those stories. Mandie can be found on social media @mandiemcglynn.

From Mandie McGlynn

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The Story of My Birth
From Braver/Wiser
Tell me the story of my birth, and help me understand how you were changed the day I entered the world. Help me know love, deep in my bones.
Telling a New Story
From Braver/Wiser
I’m not the same person who stood in that tattoo parlor eleven years ago. Still, I don’t for a minute regret being permanently marked with this...

UU World

Image: Passover
From UU World Magazine
'That we might, at last, glimpse the stars, brilliant in the desert sky.'...


Miriam's Daughter
From WorshipWeb
We must be willing and prepared to dance with joy when liberation arrives.
Prayer of Storytelling
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, Holy One of our Being and our Becoming, That which is Sacred Within, Among, and Beyond Us… We know so many stories about You:...
Waiting For Now
From WorshipWeb
Everything is about to change. And it already has. It will be. It was. It is....
Prayer after Communion
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, Holy One of our Being and our Becoming, That which is sacred Within, Among, and Beyond us… We have been blessed today by this...
Communion Institution & Invitation
From WorshipWeb
While they were eating the Passover meal, Jesus took the bread in his hands and began to speak. “I am working to create infinite Justice, and I will...
Remembering Jesus: an Easter Story
From WorshipWeb
At sundown on Saturday, the Sabbath finally over, Mary Magdalene and the other women who loved Jesus began to prepare spices to pour over his body to ho...
Benediction after Communion
From WorshipWeb
Beloved, as we depart this holy space nourished and renewed, let us live into our dreams and expand our circle of justice to encompass all of creation....

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