Waiting For Now

is about to change. 
it already has.

It will be. It was. It is.

The dawn you eagerly await
to end the long, cold darkness
is already full sun 
far off in the east.

Yet even after light’s return
spring is months away. 
Thirty long years pass 
after His birth
before the Messiah comes.

Stones of justice
have been tossed in the lake
but their ripples have not yet arrived,
have not resolved into the kin-dom
already present among us.

While we wait, let us seek
—in the darkness of 
the Now and Not Yet—
for the treasures God has hidden there,
the riches of the secret places
only found by night.

This is what is promised us: 
the wheel of life turns ever on
and darkness is a path to joy.