Part of 2020

Co-Creating Beloved Community: Moving from Aspiration to Practice - Taquiena Boston

The UUA has committed to dismantling white supremacy and other oppressions and advancing racial and other forms of equity in service to the aspiration of both a workplace and faith community where people of all identities thrive. This commitment is grounded in the theme of Beloved Community. This workshop will share the UUA and Beacon moves from aspiration to practice with an emphasis on what can be adapted to UU congregational and community settings.

Circles of Hope and Resilience - Nancy Combs-Morgan and Phil Lund

Gathering in a circle to support and connect with one another—across generations and across cultures—is one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring a spiritual community closer together. Join us as we explore how congregations can use the circle process virtually for worship, fellowship, and even governance.

Join us for this virtual 75 minute opportunity to experience and learn how “Circles of Hope and Resilience” engage and connect people.

Our Practice of Board Leadership - David Pyle

Once you get beyond structures, and reporting relationships, the perennial question of congregational boards is “Okay, what do we do?” This workshop is designed to help boards develop a series of practices to guide congregational boards in fulfilling the role of religious leadership in congregations. Through a focus on these seven practices, congregational boards can define what is and is not their role in the leadership of a congregation, and to do so with mission at the center of all of their work. We will explore each of the seven practices, and will discuss ways that congregational boards can deepen their understanding of what it means to be the elected religious leadership of their congregation, and of Unitarian Universalism in their community.

Why Can’t We Just Get Along? - Lisa Presley

Too often, things happen in our congregations that set up conflict that is either widespread throughout the whole congregation, or between a few people, sometimes bubbling over into the wider community. Our expectations are so high, and our disappointments can be all consuming. In this workshop we’ll look at conflict and behavior, and how to work with the inevitable tough edges.