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Important Note: ​LeaderLab is a Learning Community! We welcome your feedback on the evolving resources (we have the comments open) and have a 5 star rating system available on each resource for your use. We especially appreciate feedback on how we can improve resources as part of our commitment to dismantling white supremacy.

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Interactive Resources for Lay Leaders, Religious Professionals in Congregations & Covenanted Communities

We're Here to Help You Be Good Employers!


COVID-19 PANDEMIC: See Congregations As Employers During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Whether your congregation employs a single part-time staff member or a large and specialized workforce, you’ll want to provide them with the resources, development, and support they need in order to serve you well and to advance your congregation’s mission and vision. We are here to help!

Compensation Standards and Resources

Unitarian Universalism is grounded in justice, equity, and compassion for others. Let us guide you in ensuring that your congregation is living these values within your own walls by offering fair compensation, insurance, and other benefits that keep your staff healthy and protected from hardship.


UUA-Sponsored Benefit Plans

The UUA wants to help our congregations live into their values by offering insurance plans that protect their employees, including benefit plans that reflect UU values. Our benefits are competitive, and the plans have always done their best to live up to our UU values, offering fuller coverage for people of all identities and for families of all shapes and sizes.

Legal Compliance as an Employer

As an employer, the congregation is subject to federal, state and local employment laws. Learn and follow how you can keep your congregation in compliance to avoid fines or other penalties.

Hiring Staff

Hire, support, and transition your staff confidently with the assistance of this evolving collection of resources and templates including our Starting to Parting e-booklet and templates for job descriptions and employment agreements.

Nurturing and Developing Staff

The world of professional religious leadership is complex and ever-changing. Our professionals need ongoing support, care and opportunities to learn from one another and from emerging wisdom in order to faithfully lead our congregations. 

Our Publications

Subscribe or find back issues of Compensation and Staffing News, edited by Jan Gartner, and other Church Staff Finances publications.

For more information contact comp@uua.org.

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