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Examples of Congregational Resolutions

Resolutions can be as simple as one sentence but are typically a few paragraphs and should be no longer than one page. A congregation may want to check Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly resolutions for content and style. See a full listing of UUA and General Assembly social justice statements.

Congregational Processes for Taking Public Positions on Issues

Sample Social Justice Council Procedures for Taking Action

Congregations use different policy guidelines for votes on controversial social justice issues.

  • The congregation in Honolulu, HI, elects a special committee at its annual meeting (along with the Board). This committee has the responsibility for studying major social justice issues, making recommendations to the congregation, and setting up processes for education and voting.
  • The Mainline Church (Devon, PA) calls for a 75% vote of an assembled quorum.
  • Some congregations make use of a disclaimer. After the majority has voted they state: "This decision only reflects the votes of those who were present at the meeting and does not speak for the congregation as a whole."