Metaphors: A People So Bold DVD Discussion Guide

This playful segment of the A People So Bold video is the result of Meg Riley’s invitation to convocation participants to share their metaphors for justice.

Materials and Preparation

  • A People So Bold DVD
  • DVD player, TV/screen, and speakers
  • Chalice, candle, and matches
  • Singing the Living Tradition (1)

Time: 30 minutes

A. Chalice Lighting

(1 minute)

Welcome participants. Recruit a volunteer to light the chalice.

Offer chalice lighting 447 from Singing the Living Tradition as the volunteer kindles the flame.

B. Metaphors

(9 minutes)

Watch the "Metaphors" segment of the DVD (8:32)

C. Sharing Your Metaphors

(20 minutes)

Invite participants to reflect on, and share, the metaphors that guide their justice work.

Conclude the time of sharing with the bumper-sticker phrase, “Metaphors Be With You!”